Forgotten Fantasy Hunt          June 8-28


June 8-28, 2021

Hunt items are 1L each

Please see the list below of our Amazing Sponsors, and our Participating Stores with hints. 
(All hunt items are family friendly)


Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop
Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop
Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop
Royal Pain
Royal Pain
Royal Pain
Royal Pain
Royal Pain

Hunt Items, Links and Hunt HINTS

The following shops are participating, an image of their hunt item and hints to their hunt items are provided here for you. 
          (Our Next Hunt Event, and application are listed at the MMM Hunts Link above for those of you who wish to participate.)          *If you would like a notecard of the Store Names and Links inworld, please click on any of our hunt kiosks.*

A huge thank you to Beyonkah from Sherbert for our creating our super cute hunt prim this month.


Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

"Look for this painting on the wall of the Magick Shoppe. there's a trident on the frame"

Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

"Everyone should have A TRIDENT with their candy :)"

Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

"Searching the Shoulder Dragon!"

"Really? Again? I forgot AGAIN!"

"WOOD you like them here or there?"

"Guarded with stone and shield "

"That register is cute!"

""Let's have some tea and think it over.""

"No reason to Delayna the fantasy!"

"That's a funny looking fire poker...."

* "No Hint Provided"

"Between two glows, warmth and winter."

"A pitch fork can come in handy when in the forest"

"I'm at the door"

"We dont just fly here, we SOAR!! "

"I can help you see far like the moon or a star"

"I lost it, need to get a redelivery!"

"May if we plant it, it will grow!"

"this big window is neat"

"I found the easter baskets"

"Seek and you shall see me right by the fireplace for me"

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Our Partner

Please click image to navigate to the Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop Website for their current hunt application. While you are there; please, take the time to read about their amazing work, helping schools and children.

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Harambee Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop & Hunts

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